Cable Modem Provisioning and Monitoring

We built our cable management platform with three things in mind: speed, ease of use, and low cost. If you're tired of how slow and bloated your existing platform is, you'll find our product to be a breath of fresh air. In addition to being much faster and easier to use than other available platforms, RPM's platform costs much less.
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Innovative Thinking - Agile Development

We pride ourselves on being a small business that is able to think outside the box and quickly build custom solutions for our customers.

Network Design and Management

With over 18 years of experience designing, building, and managing all different types of ISP networks, you can rest assured that we can help with any network projects you have. Whether it's helping our customers build a cable network or wireless grid from scratch, or taking over the management of your existing network, we'll do it right and make things easy for you.
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Wifi Hotspots

RPM Hotspot is a complete hotspot monetization and reporting solution that eliminates the need for expensive controller hardware and makes your life easier while providing an excellent end-user experience. As long as you have a Mikrotik router on site, you can utilize RPM Hotspot to manage your hotspot networks. Users can purchase internet access using a credit card or they can purchase an access code (at the front desk of a hotel, for example) to redeem for internet access.
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