DOCSIS Provisioning, Monitoring, and Network/CMTS Management

Standalone Provisioning & Monitoring starting at $1/mo per subscriber

Our first and most robust product, RPM's DOCSIS provisioning and monitoring platform was designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind. Tired of your current slow, bloated provisioning system? RPM is a breath of fresh air. It's extremely easy to use and super fast, so your employees can spend less time navigating and more time adding customers or troubleshooting. It supports cable systems of all sizes with dozens to thousands of subscribers. It works with most popular CMTS systems and has full DOCSIS 3.0 support. It has a full API that can be used by third-party systems such as billing software to provide full integration and one-step provisioning. Included with our provisioning platform is RPM's expert network and systems experience and support. We can configure your CMTS, configure your edge router, recommend upgrades, and more.

Unlike the other cookie-cutter provisioning systems, RPM's platform is fully customizable. We are very open-minded and agile, and will customize your RPM system to meet your specific needs. Small customization requests are usually completed within 24 hours; often times on the same day! Larger customization requests receive a formal quote and timeline, and we provide regular updates during the development process.

Summary and more:

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