Network Management

With over 18 years of experience building and managing networks for ISPs, we can provide the expertise that you need to build fast, robust customer-facing networks. We specialize in Mikrotik routers and switches and can recommend which models to use, configure them from scratch, modify existing configurations, write custom scripts to fit your specific needs, and even interface with Mikrotiks from our RPM software. We have extensive experience designing and maintaining networks that run on ethernet, cable, fiber, DSL, and wireless. We've built large-scale wireless backhaul grids that cover thousands of square miles. We've built fully redundant, fully wireless safety networks in underground mines. If you need help with your new or existing network, you've come to the right place!

We provide network management services to our provisioning customers for no additonal charge. If you are not an RPM customer but would like to talk about how we can help with your networks, please fill out our Contact Form or call us at 303-731-1076!